Need a Greeting Card?


We know many of our customers are still observing safe sheltering practices, and miss the opportunity to browse our unique greeting card selection. Even as we live a bit more solitary, it doesn't mean we have to be isolated.  We can still reach out to friends and family; we can still mark special occasions.  A text is nice, but admit it: we all love receiving snail mail.  Added bonus: it  supports the Post Office.  We're not able to put our inventory of cards on our website. But we've created the below form so you can order cards from us online.  We are requesting a minimum order of three cards, but can do smaller orders if that's all you really need.

You can specify which category of cards you need,  and we'll mail them to you, or you can pick them up curbside. We're also including a first-class postage stamp on every envelope to save you a trip to the post office!

Although our stock of greeting cards in-store range between $5 and $8/ea, as part of this online sale we're charging $6 per card, including a stamp on each greeting card envelope (and including any shipping fees we incur if we send the cards to you)!  Curbside pickup is also available.  Sorry, cards cannot count towards the $50 total for our free media mail shipping offer for orders of $50 or more.

1: Fill out the form below and submit.

2: When you are ready to checkout, please update your shopping cart with the total quantity of cards you will be purchasing.

3: Let us know any special requests in the final box. ex. Nature images for birthday cards, but floral for sympathy cards.

4: Complete your purchase and we'll process your order within 48 hours.

SKU: xGreetCard
Price: $6.00
Your email address if we need to reach you
Your phone number if we need to reach you
Tell us the kind of card(s) you want
Specify the letter of each type you want, followed by the quantity. Ex.C - 3 for three Adult Birthday Cards.
If you want different image types for different cards, supply that information in the "Anything Else We Should Know?" box
Select the type of message inside the card. If we can't find one that is exactly right, we will default to a blank card.
Do you like snarky humor? Serious cards? Different image types for different kinds of cards?