Stephen Nachmanovitch presents The Art of Is, co-sponsored by Windhorse Zen Community

“Stephen Nachmanovitch’s The Art of Is is a philosophical meditation on living, living fully, living in the present. To the author, an improvisation is a co-creation that arises out of listening and mutual attentiveness, out of a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. It is a product of the nervous system, bigger than the brain and bigger than the body; it is a once in a lifetime encounter, unprecedented and unrepeatable. Drawing from the wisdom of the ages, The Art of Is not only gives the reader an inside view of the states of mind that give rise to improvisation, it is also a celebration of the power of the human spirit which — when exercised with love, immense patience and discipline — is an antidote to hate.”— Yo-Yo Ma, cellist

“Like musicians who improvise together, human beings can break barriers: teaching, playing, creating and being present to one another. In clear prose, Nachmanovitch effortlessly shows how people discover – in themselves – the sheer power to relate and endlessly adapt.”  — Jerry Brown, Governor of California from 1975-1982 and 2011-2018 

“So lucid, grand, kind, easy-going, and deeply helpful, I could not stop reading it, even in time I did not “have!” It is full of surprises, gems, and open ended inspirations.”— Robert Thurman, Columbia University, co-founder of Tibet House

“A beautiful book, full of power, full of life, written from the deep experience of an artist and a wise person.”— Joan Halifax, abbot, Upaya Zen Center

Stephen Nachmanovitcha pioneer in free improvisation on violin, viola, and electric violin, performs internationally and teaches widely on creativity and the spiritual underpinnings of art. The author of writings, music, multimedia works, and computer software in a variety of fields, he holds a BA from Harvard and a PhD from UC Santa Cruz. He lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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ISBN: 9781608686155
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Published: New World Library - April 9th, 2019