Live Stream: Andrés de la Casa-Huertas presents Reading Quirks

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Reading Quirks: Who hasn't peeked over the shoulder of the person reading next to them on the subway, curious about the book in their hands? Who doesn't secretly love skipping the party to stay home and read? Who hasn't daydreamed of catching the eye of a future significant other as you discover from across the room that you're reading the same book? If you're a reader, you know you've been there, and probably in so many other weird places as well, right? That's what happens with readers, they have these strange traits, these particular ways, that separate them from the rest. Reading Quirks explores, in 72 lighthearted four-frame cartoons, all these weird things readers do, from the existential dilemma of picking your next read to the frustrations of watching an overzealous dog-earer in action. The series was written and created by a bookstore in Dallas, The Wild Detectives, originally as a social media campaign--a way to connect with other readers over a shared understanding of what it means to be crazy about books. Laura Pacheco's adorable illustrations introduce a cast of endearing characters, whose flaws and obsessions range from disarming good nature to mischievous playfulness. Reading Quirks is a witty and light-hearted ode to the immense pleasure of reading and its resulting byproduct: neurosis.

Andrés de la Casa Huertas started his professional career as a journalist, but he pivoted quickly to a more creative practice. As a Graphic Designer and Art Director he's worked for international brands (Apple, McDonald's, Play Station, to mention a few) first in Madrid, and later in Dublin and London. At the moment he combines his daily job as Art Director at LERMA Ad Agency, with bringing his creative input to The Wild Detectives, a bookstore in Dallas that he runs with his best friend and his passion project. Reading Quirks is his first published book. He lives in Dallas.

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Published: Pepitas/WD - December 17th, 2019