Dayna and Jim Guido present The Parental Tool Box: For Parents and Clinicians

The Parental Tool Box contains the largest array of practical strategies and skills assembled in one book for parents and clinicians. The latest research in attachment theory, neurobiology, and evidence-based therapeutic strategies and interventions are integrated into three major sections: The Power of Words, Relationships, & Change and Personal Development. The content of the chapters teaches ways to avoid power struggles by creating a family environment of mutual respect. The comprehensiveness of The Parental Tool Box makes it an ideal ongoing resource which helps parents effectively deal with any problematic behavior. Written in a strength-based and practical manner, each chapter includes Home Improvement Projects to practice the skills introduced. Each tool is examined through The Three Rs: Reframe, Replace, and Rewire. This breakthrough perspective reframes attitudes, replaces undesirable habits, and rewires the biochemistry/neurology to make lasting changes. The Parental Tool Box is written by two professionals who have each had over 40 years in the field and have practiced all of these tools in real time with both typical and highly challenging youth and families. It contains a vast library of verbal strategies, clear and concise social skills, and relational exercises presented in easy to master formats. Written in a descriptive and specific manner for all parents to understand; it is both a skills manual and a comprehensive parenting resource. Clinicians can choose any chapter and use it with parents, children, and adolescents as a tool in the therapeutic process. For parents, each page is finely crafted to help turn the hard work of parenting into a joyful and rewarding experience. It is extremely useful for therapists working with parents of children in out-of-home placements and those working in intensive in-home treatment. Educators can adopt The Parental Tool Box for use in their classrooms or use its content to improve the learning environment with their students. Additionally, the contents of this book have been used for many years successfully in parent training programs. This book will transform the parenting experience, providing tools for creating a successful relationship between parents, children, and adolescents. Additional resources (podcasts, blogs and more) are available at https: //

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ISBN: 9781732121805
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Published: Dayna L Guido - May 2018