Cecil Bothwell presents Fifty Wheys to Love Your Liver

Cecil Bothwell is back at it with another improbable batch of short fiction, Fifty Wheys to Love Your Liver. Deadly serious or wildly funny they cascade from his faulty noggin like lava into a community center swimming pool. It's his 11th book and 2nd “collection of fictitious tropes.”

The current assemblage of unlikely tales either occur in Asheville, North Carolina, or involve people involved with Asheville in some way, and ever and always guest appearances by the numerous cats with whom the author has shared his life. Given that Asheville is at the top of a dizzying list of “bests” it is likely that about half of the U.S. population is “involved” with Asheville in some manner, so if this book doesn't catch fire, Bothwell suggests he may stop striking matches. From the tale of an electrician who inherits a Barnardsville goat dairy to a woman named Angie who keeps lists, two high stakes investors who have uploaded themselves to the cloud and a golf pro pitching a name-brand development scheme, the author wanders through ancient European history, continental drift and the launch of a Tesla roadster into solar orbit.

His earlier works include the only critical political biography of Rev. Billy Graham, The Prince of War: Billy Graham's Crusade for a Wholly Christian Empire, (Brave Ulysses Books, 2009) a volume about his investigative reporting on Buncombe County's crooked sheriff, Pure Buncombe: the life and crimes of Sheriff Bobby Lee Medford, and a memoir which looks deeply into ethics, Whale Falls: An exploration of belief and its consequences, (Brave Ulysses Books, 2010). His writing awards include an AltWeekly prize for investigative journalism and a Green Eyeshade award for humorous commentary. He won the 1993 Southeast Poetry Slam due to a mathematical error on the part of the chief judge (it was a tie, but he nabbed the RC Cola and Moonpies) and was voted the Best Local Politician in the Mountain Xpress reader poll for seven years running.

Bothwell's career includes years as a general contractor, years as a reporter and investigative reporter, years as a radio commentator, years as a radio host, years as an organic gardener, years as a guitarist, years as a painter of representational oils, years as an editor, years as a managing editor, and eight years serving as an elected official on Asheville's City Council. Some of those endeavors overlap, as might be surmised. But he hasn't aged an inch. 

The author’s upcoming world book tour will commence at Malaprop’s Cafe and Books, Aug. 4 at 6 p.m. Further appearances to be announced if arranged. 

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