Carolina Mountains Literary Festival Poetry Workshop with Steve Cushman

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Carolina Mountains Literary Festival brings authors, readers, writers together each year in beautifull Burnsville, NC.

Steve Cushman - Story In Verse: Writing the Narrative Poem

Whether a short ballad or a giant epic, a narrative poem tells a story, employing character, setting, plot, and other prose fiction devices. In this class, we’ll discuss the craft of narrative poetry by reading classic and contemporary examples and, through prompts and exercises, begin writing some of our own.

Registration required. $35 

Visit the Carolina Mountain Litfest website for information about the festival, and to register for this workshop.

Please click here to order the featured books with 10% of all sales donated back to the CMLitFest. You'll also find us at the festival in the Town Center pop-up bookstore.  

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Yancey County Library