Carolina Mountains Literary Festival Multi-genre Workshop with Vicki Lane

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Coming at Writing Sideways with Vicki Lane

Let your mind run free! Participants will be asked to respond to photo prompts with prose or poetry. Vicki will provide an initial photo prompt to which participants will briefly respond to and share. Then participants will be encouraged to spend up to twenty minutes taking photos (cell phone or camera) in the area, after which the photos will be shared with the class and varying responses considered. More writing and reading sessions will follow. Wild experimental writing encouraged!

Carolina Mountains Literary Festival brings authors, readers, writers together each year in beautifull Burnsville, NC.

Visit the Carolina Mountain Litfest website to learn more about the festival and register for this workshop.

Please click here to order the featured books with 10% of all sales donated back to the CMLitFest. You'll also find us at the festival in the Town Center pop-up bookstore.  

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Yancey County Library