Breathe, Empower, Achieve (Kobo eBook)

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Say no to burnout, and yes to balance! An “empathetic, enjoyable guide” to taking five minutes for mindfulness during your busy day (Publishers Weekly).

For so many women, work–life balance is a myth. And when you’re already juggling a career, personal life, and family—plus your side projects, a smidgen of self-care, and the occasional need to sleep—“mindfulness” can sound like just another thing to do.

But if you take five minutes for mindfulness now and then, it may not only save your sanity—but also springboard your success. Let psychotherapist Shonda Moralis coach you through fifty “mindful breaks” ingeniously tied to your hectic schedule:

  • Breathe mindful breaks promote calm and awareness through meditation, starting with “Coffee”
  • Empower mindful breaks bolster your self-confidence—say, to “Unmute Yourself” during a meeting
  • Achieve mindful breaks help you set and conquer goals…for example, by asking: “Why Not Me?”

“A healthy salve of compassionate encouragement to help women step back from hectic, overloaded agendas.” —Publishers Weekly