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A subtly subversive Regency romance, Persuasion, is a classic of English literature. A delightful insight into the foibles and follies of English high society, Jane Austen’s wit continues to sparkle in her last published novel.

Amidst the frivolity of Regency England, a young woman named Anne Elliot finds herself aged 27 with few love prospects. Seven years earlier, she was engaged to the eligible Frederick Wentworth until her friend, Lady Russell, persuaded her to end the affair. Through a twist of fate, their paths cross again after nearly a decade, and the scene is set for humorous situations, tense romantic encounters, and the promise of a rekindling of old flames.

Published in 1817, Persuasion was Jane Austen’s last published work and has been adored by readers for centuries. Adapted multiple times for film, television, and theatre, this timeless novel captures the spirit of Anne Elliot, a charming young woman caught in the throws of a rapidly changing society.