About Us

Malaprop's Café has evolved into the meeting place in our town. Our café boasts a literary menu, with treats from local bakeries and organic, fair-trade, shade-grown coffee roasted locally. We offer free wireless service and eight plug-in stations. Our baristas embrace the role of community catalyst. Our team makes a concerted effort to get to know the customers as individuals, starting with their names, tastes, and drinks of choice.

A note from Hannah: It is my belief that as Baristas we occupy an incredibly significant and delicate place on the coffee continuum. We are responsible for the final preparation and presentation of a product that has passed through many other hands and the value and importance we treat the coffee with is a matter of respect for those who have been involved in the growing, picking, packing, shipping and roasting of the beans. By serving excellent coffee and espresso, we honor the work of these individuals on a daily basis, and feel incredibly proud to be trusted with the important job of showcasing the entire coffee production process, from plant to cup, with skill and attention to detail.