The Unauthorized Story of Bula: The Immortal Romanian Wisecracker (Hardcover)

The Unauthorized Story of Bula: The Immortal Romanian Wisecracker By Ion Grumeza Cover Image

The Unauthorized Story of Bula: The Immortal Romanian Wisecracker (Hardcover)


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Laugh Your Troubles Away Through Bulă's Story

Humor helped the Romanian people survive communism under dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu.

They found temporary escape from the hardships of the brutal regime through laughter. Their jokester-in-chief was (and still is) the infamous, imaginary character Bulă. Conveniently, he could critique the government and yet never be arrested by the Secret Service. Moreover, the charming, free-spirited wanderer can still delight any crowd and lighten the mood with his unique combination of wisdom, one-liners, and wry observations.

"How am I doing financially? I have enough money to last me till the end of my life-provided I die by 11:00 PM today."

While author Ion Grumeza has lived in the USA since 1973, he has never forgotten his native-born Romanian sense of humor. Despite advice not to lower his credibility as a scholar by publishing political satire, outrageous advice, and unexpected comments, Grumeza has gathered Bulă's wit in this volume, for he firmly believes that comic relief helps heal complaints and frustrations.

"In communism, we had money and empty stores. In capitalism in Romania, the stores are packed, but there is no money to buy what you wish."

Grumeza translates Bulă's jokes, which, along with the simple, silly fun they provide, also supply insights into truth and philosophy. So, for a touch of Romanian history, culture and humor, read this book with a light heart and let it add joy to your day.

"Jokes and a bottle of wine are cheaper than a psychiatrist."

Product Details ISBN: 9798986332314
Publisher: Conclusive Books
Publication Date: June 11th, 2023
Pages: 156
Language: English