The Trident and the Pillars of Poseidon (Hardcover)

The Trident and the Pillars of Poseidon By Frederick C. Dorando, Joe Reyes Cover Image

The Trident and the Pillars of Poseidon (Hardcover)


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As far as the book itself goes, I loved it. I thought it was very well written in terms of the story and the development of it. The topic of the Great Pyramid of Giza has intrigued the world's greatest minds for decades and decades, and as much as the answer has already been given, there is still much mystery about it. Well, this book gives us a precise answer through a very well-thought-out adventure. I loved the mix of Professor Walker, Toby, Scotch, and Ms. Cooper. I thought the book was divided equally between the characters with more attention being given to Professor Walker as the guy behind the scenes, who plotted the original idea that started the entire adventure.

Other characters throughout the book had just enough room to complete their contributions to the story. Ms. Cooper came to help just in time with her friend from Cuba and assisted them with the other half of the adventure. I found everything explained just enough to understand but constantly craved for more

As far as the plausibility of the events goes, I go by a very simple logic. Nothing is impossible, even if it only means nobody has done it yet. The events within the pyramid and in Cuba might make the experts say, "No way this is going to work like that." However, there is so much to explore on this topic, and as much as the world's greatest explorers have already found, there are so many more questions still unanswered. Reading this book gives you an answer to maybe one of the greatest mysteries that has plagued the explorers and archaeologists.

We all know not even 10 percent of world's oceans have been explored. It is such a vast space, and to this day, we still know very little about what they contain. The Bay of Batabano has been considered to be the place that nobody has taken a serious approach to researching as yet. It could very well be the location of the great lost city. Only time will tell.

--Critique by Mervin Cikic, Bijelo Pole, Montenegro

Product Details ISBN: 9798890610997
Publisher: Newman Springs
Publication Date: July 20th, 2023
Pages: 206
Language: English