Timeless (Paperback)

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Timeless (Paperback)


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Several years have slipped by since her parents' passing, and Gia Di Carli still finds herself alone--no grandparents, no siblings, no husband or fiance or any prospects. She dreads the holidays--time for family and loved ones.

Worst of all is Valentine's Day. February 14, 2012, Gia decides, will be different. No more sympathetic looks or pitying words from her coworkers. Gia sends herself the biggest most beautiful bouquet of red roses to her job. When questioned, she is vague. Her plan seems to work until she returns home to her quiet, lonely condo. Even the romantic comedy chick flicks on the DVD offer no solace.

Gia finds herself crying. And like the tears cried by Alice in Wonderland, they fall endlessly.

Gia wipes her eyes looking about and realizes she is standing in the Louvre in Paris, France, and by the look of her surroundings, she is no longer in the year 2012 The people are all dressed so elegantly, including herself as she glances down at her apparel. When offered a handkerchief, she looks up into the face of a very charming young man.

Thus begins her real adventure. Gia, by her calculations, spends three wonderful days in Paris with the most charming escort, Bradley. A dream It can't be It's all too real Has she somehow travelled back in time?

Gia awakens to learn it is February 15 She is determined to prove her experience was real. After much research, she discovers Bradley exists, or rather, existed. Bradley P. Malone, in fact. She learns he dies tragically very young, shortly after their meeting in Paris. Gia is determined to return to 1912 and prevent Bradley's death. And what about the time line? Will preventing Bradley's untimely demise change history?

With no explanation, Gia finds herself jumping back and forth between two centuries. She experiences many encounters with Bradley's family. She even meets her great-grandparents but doesn't let on to their relationship. A wormhole? A rabbit hole? She doesn't know. But it is real. She only wishes she would remain with Bradley, wherever.

After all, love is timeless.

Product Details ISBN: 9798887932958
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: May 15th, 2023
Pages: 134
Language: English