Tales from Cabin 23: Night of the Living Head (Compact Disc)

Tales from Cabin 23: Night of the Living Head By Hanna Alkaf Cover Image

Tales from Cabin 23: Night of the Living Head (Compact Disc)


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Few campers at Camp Apple Hill Farm have found the mysterious cabin rumored to be hidden deep in the woods--but those who have whisper of a mysterious woman who tells tales of horrors beyond imagination. Are you brave enough to visit Cabin 23?

Twelve-year-old Alia has always had the worst luck. Whether it's her parents moving her all the way from Kuala Lumpur to a tiny village or her shoes constantly coming untied, Alia can't help but feel as if the universe has it out for her.

To top it all off, her estranged older sister, Ayu, has just reappeared in their lives after years away. Alia's parents are delighted, but Alia is not so sure. She remembers the fights, the tears, the pain her sister caused and knows this is just another case of bad luck following her around.

Then Alia's school fills with rumors of a horrifying creature spotted flying in the night sky. And Alia realizes that perhaps it's not just her bad luck this time--but something more sinister is lying just under the surface of her town...and it's up to Alia to put an end to it for once and for all.

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Product Details ISBN: 9798874628918
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: August 27th, 2024
Language: English