The Protective Panda (Little Dragon #2) (Paperback)

The Protective Panda (Little Dragon #2) By The Panda Cover Image

The Protective Panda (Little Dragon #2) (Paperback)


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This is book number 2 in the Little Dragon series.

In the heart of Flower Valley, a gentle panda, discovers something remarkable: a pregnant bee, glowing softly with a rare golden hue. But this isn't any ordinary bee. Legend speaks of a bee born once in a millennia, capable of ensuring the harmony between all creatures. As Panda befriends Bee, he learns that her unique baby has the power to bring peace to the ever-warring insect clans.

However, not everyone is eager to see peace prevail. A vengeful wasp with a personal vendetta against Bee's lineage, learns of her condition and sees an opportunity for power and control. He believes that capturing the special bee baby will give him unparalleled dominance over the valley.

Flower Valley soon becomes the stage for a unique chase, with Panda using his wit and strength to protect Bee from Wasp's relentless pursuit. Along their journey, they encounter both friends and foes, unraveling ancient secrets and unlocking hidden potentials within themselves.

What will be the fate of Flower Valley? And what secret does Panda's mysterious acquaintance hold?

Product Details ISBN: 9798858302209
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 21st, 2023
Pages: 26
Language: English
Series: Little Dragon