Becoming a Love Warrior: Nine Jungian Lessons in Love and Power (Paperback)

Becoming a Love Warrior: Nine Jungian Lessons in Love and Power By Bud Harris Cover Image

Becoming a Love Warrior: Nine Jungian Lessons in Love and Power (Paperback)


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Americans are weary-of pandemic woes, economic uncertainties, global unrest, political bickering. Yet Jungian analyst Bud Harris exhorts us to reject the poet T.S. Eliott's prediction that the world will end "not with a bang but a whimper." Now is the time to put on the armor and fighting spirit of the love warrior. Let's not forget, Harris says, that "in our country's history, even in the face of darkness, we have been able to find better angels and create a future that has often inspired humanity."

In this introspective manual he shares nine important lessons to help fortify this love-warrior spirit, lifted directly from his years of experience as a trained Jungian analyst. To be a warrior is to use your power to develop skills, focus, strength, purpose and the determination to serve a higher value. And to do this from a place of love requires internal strength as well as far-reaching vision for what positive heights the chaos, sadness, and fatigue of today's world can eventually lead us.

Each chapter in Becoming a Love Warrior is re-captured with a following workbook page. Here a list of "points to ponder" challenges the reader to re-examine personal reactions, fears, or hidden and debilitating experiences that may have surfaced. These are the internal hold-backs that keep us from fully exercising our power and love. To be a love warrior, one must recognize these in order to overcome.

The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table-a story told long ago-does in fact offer a basic foundation for the love warrior today. "Might for right" became the motto of these warriors of yore. To save king and country from being a wasteland, they undertook the quest for the Holy Grail in order to bring the symbols of power and spiritual passion together to renew the life of the kingdom. In our quest to become love warriors we can learn a lot from this venerable legend, says Harris. The round table became a symbol of unity.

Surprisingly, this historic legend becomes inspirational and instructive in the hands of Harris as he intertwines the philosophical foundation of the tale with the needs we have in today's world. He describes through nine lessons the ways that we can indeed put on that armor and fierceness to fight for right and, hopefully, bring more peace and harmony to society and, most of all, to ourselves.

Read this book if you want to

  • give yourself permission to reflect on how each of us contributes to the chaos, confusion, fatigue, and anxiety of today's world.
  • examine nine Jungian-based lessons that challenge a basic societal assumption that "might makes right" - and instead interject the idea that passion, power, and inner strength can be used to bring harmony.
  • examine deep seated hurts, anger, and disappointment that may keep you from becoming the love warrior we all need today.

Dr. Bud Harris has been in the field of Jungian psychology for more than 40 years and has authored and co-authored numerous books. Now in his mid-80s, he has a long-standing practice in Asheville, North Carolina, which is still thriving. He wrote Becoming a Love Warrior because he believes that healing alienation and cultivating compassion are important steps to creating a finer world for our children and grandchildren. This book is his effort to help us learn how.

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