Timeweaver: The Book of Nainoa (Spiritwalker #4) (Paperback)

Timeweaver: The Book of Nainoa (Spiritwalker #4) By Hank Wesselman, Nainoa Kaneohe Cover Image

Timeweaver: The Book of Nainoa (Spiritwalker #4) (Paperback)


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The long awaited fourth book in the Spiritwalker series, features a glimpse into a

world 5000 years in the future.

Dr. Hank Wesselman, a paleoanthropologist and research academic, became an

unlikely shaman when he began having spontaneous, powerful visionary

experiences in 1983, which continued until the time of his passing in 2021. During

these experiences his conscious awareness would travel beyond his body to

merge with the body, mind, and soul of another man who lives in another time.

But these were not what some would call past-life experiences. They could more

accurately be likened to time travel. As the connection deepened, Hank came to

see that he was contacting his future self, roughly 5,000 years after the collapse

of Western civilization.

Hank was compelled to share his experiences as he came to understand that this

destiny is not cast in stone. That actions and decisions we make now will

determine the future we and our descendants are walking into.

This final volume is unique in that it is told from the perspective of Nainoa, the

Hawaiian kahuna mystic contacted by Hank almost four decades ago. We will

travel with Nainoa and experience a slice of his life and his perceptions. It turns

out that the world he inhabits is the barely recognizable, former United States.

This extraordinary true story culminates with a powerful, important message for

our time.

Product Details ISBN: 9798218074869
Publisher: Sharedwisdom LLC
Publication Date: February 15th, 2023
Pages: 136
Language: English
Series: Spiritwalker