Arcanist (Tower #3) (Compact Disc)

Arcanist (Tower #3) By Seth Ring, Eric Jason Martin (Read by) Cover Image

Arcanist (Tower #3) (Compact Disc)


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Safe for the moment, Thorn and Velin are faced with a choice ...

Hide among the cruel Deva, or forge a path that will require all their skill and wit, unlocking the ancient paths of power hidden in the Titan bloodline.

Ahead of them lies Intra Mundum, an endless test that requires courage, strength, and most importantly, strong bonds. As they begin to explore the floors of the tower with a hastily thrown together team, Thorn and Velin will find they have a much stronger connection than they first realized.

With old friends and new enemies showing up on his doorstep, Thorn quickly realizes that life in the upper worlds is much more complicated than it seemed, and even world shaking strength isn't enough to protect against the machinations of the ancient factions surrounding him. Together, he and Velin must prepare to welcome their friends from Angoril, figuring out a way to divert the attention of power hungry challenger clans and the bloodthirsty god beasts.

Arcanist is the third book in the Tower Series, a GameLit/LitRPG series from Seth Ring, bestselling author of Battle Mage Farmer and the Titan series, set in the world of Nova Terra and starring the unforgettable Thorn. If you like immersive storytelling, rich fantasy, and epic adventures with a slice of friendship thrown in, you'll love this page-turning series.

Pick up Arcanist today and escape to the grand world of epic adventure. Endless worlds await

Product Details ISBN: 9798212248051
Publisher: Blackstone Publishing
Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Language: English
Series: Tower