Klara and the Sun (Hardcover)

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Kazuo Ishiguro’s latest novel, Klara and the Sun, returns to the elegantly written sci-fi of earlier works like 2005’s Never Let Me Go. Similar to that novel, this book’s futuristic angle offers commentary on many of modern society’s issues. Class, family, and technology are all dissected here in the story of Klara, an AF, or Artificial Friend, whose purpose in life is to provide support and guidance to the best of her abilities to whomever selects her. Initially we meet Klara in a store for Artificial Friends, in which the AFs are presented in windows and displays vying for the attention of humans who survey the store with the nonchalance they would exhibit in a donut shop. When Klara is picked out by a charming girl named Josie, the book takes a turn from being about Klara’s longing for a connection, to her rollercoaster experiences with the family that selected her. As we get to know Josie, we find out Klara has many more responsibilities than “Artificial Friend.” As the novel progresses and Josie’s situation becomes more dire, Klara does all she can to help her in a well intentioned, seemingly naive way. 

Without a doubt, the heart of the book resides in Klara instead of in the flesh-and-blood human characters. Ishiguro may be commenting on the coldness of humanity; he might be saying that we could all learn from the wisdom of those who watch and listen. Either way, Klara and the Sun is another bright spot in Kazuo Ishiguro’s fine career.

— James

March 2021 Indie Next List

Klara and the Sun from Nobel-winner Kazuo Ishiguro is a radiant new novel about the bond between Klara, an Artificial Friend, and Josie, her human companion. The setting, a dystopian realm of genetic editing and stark class divisions, is not surprising given the author’s previous work, yet Ishiguro’s immense, unwavering portrayal of kindness is astonishing and revitalizing. Classic Ishiguro themes of loyalty, friendship, and sacrifice weave through the novel, but the thread of love runs deep, giving the book warmth and hope so that the earned twist feels more like a dawn than a sunset. Whether you’re returning to Ishiguro or discovering his voice for the first time, I’m excited for you. This is a chance to bask in the brilliance of one the greatest writers of our time.”
— Caroline McGregor, Books & Books, Coral Gables, FL

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ISBN: 9788937417566
ISBN-10: 8937417561
Publisher: Mineumsa
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021
Language: Korean