Manifesting Saint Germain's Golden Age (Spiritualising the World #6) (Paperback)

Manifesting Saint Germain's Golden Age (Spiritualising the World #6) By Kim Michaels Cover Image

Manifesting Saint Germain's Golden Age (Spiritualising the World #6) (Paperback)


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Saint Germain is a very powerful spiritual being who is designing a Golden Age that will take us beyond the problems we today think have no solution. Because the Law of Free Will mandates that the future of this planet is decided by those of us who are in physical embodiment, Saint Germain needs our help. As he says: "I have the power; you have the authority." In this book, Saint Germain and other ascended masters give us profound insights into what the future can look like when we let go of the old mindset. We also get very powerful spiritual tools whereby you can call this vision into a manifest reality right from your living room. You will learn:

  • What is the next logical stage for modern democracies and how to go beyond representative democracy.
  • How education in the Golden Age needs to teach people about psychic energy and promote wholeness.
  • How to raise the world beyond the fanatical mindset.
  • Why we had to go through a phase of having individual nations and the wars between them and why we now need to take the next step.
  • How to manifest community beyond nationalities.
  • How to manifest what people currently think is impossible.
  • The immense power of making collective decisions and how a firm decision will manifest the resources to carry it out.
  • Why the next step for the welfare society is mental freedom.
  • How to manifest the money system of the Golden Age and a steadily growing economy.
  • How to manifest an economy that is for the people instead of being controlled by a small power elite.
Product Details ISBN: 9788793297388
ISBN-10: 8793297386
Publisher: More to Life Publishing
Publication Date: January 16th, 2017
Pages: 534
Language: English
Series: Spiritualising the World