Cities and Public Policy: An Urban Agenda for India (Hardcover)

Cities and Public Policy: An Urban Agenda for India By Prasanna K. Mohanty Cover Image

Cities and Public Policy: An Urban Agenda for India (Hardcover)


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The twenty-first century will witness a rapid urban expansion in the developing world. India, it is believed, will be at the forefront of such a phenomenon. This book acknowledges the role of agglomeration externalities as the cornerstone of urban public policy in India.

Arguing that hypotheses of over-urbanization and urban bias theory--which articulated a negative view of urbanization--are based on fragile theoretical as well as empirical foundations, this book calls for proactive public policy to harness planned urbanization as resource. India requires agglomeration-augmenting, congestion-mitigating, and resource-generating cities as engines of economic growth, including rural development.

The book provides a large number of practical examples from India and abroad to enable policy-makers undertake reforms in urban and regional planning, financing, and governance to meet the challenges of urbanization in India. It combines theory and practice to draw lessons for an urban agenda for India and recognizes the central role of cities in catalysing growth and generating public finance for economic development.

Product Details ISBN: 9788132117933
ISBN-10: 813211793X
Publisher: Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd
Publication Date: May 13th, 2014
Pages: 352
Language: English