Celebrate Pride with Lockheed Martin (Paperback)

Celebrate Pride with Lockheed Martin By Jake Byrne Cover Image

Celebrate Pride with Lockheed Martin (Paperback)


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Celebrate Pride with Lockheed Martin is a swirl of energy, emotion and observation that takes the reader across the world on a Carmen Sandiego-like journey as well as deep into the complexities of modern queer life. Unabashedly sexual, and embracing a wide range of styles and tones, Byrne's poems move easily from lines of love and desire to sharp critiques of capitalism and war, and the co-opting of queer culture by them both. These are destabilizing poems, poems filled with glittering imagery and ideas and questions and truths, poems that share the poet's longing to live in a time that is not "as cruel and unjust / As every other time has been before it."

Product Details ISBN: 9781989496640
ISBN-10: 1989496644
Publisher: Buckrider Books
Publication Date: April 18th, 2023
Pages: 168
Language: English