Moments That Matter: Forget Fear (Paperback)

Moments That Matter: Forget Fear By Marisa Griffin Cover Image

Moments That Matter: Forget Fear (Paperback)


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Step into a world where emotions run deep and stories intertwine, as twenty distinct voices unite to bring you along on a journey that celebrates the beauty and complexity of the human experience. "Moments That Matter" is a captivating collection of short stories that illuminate the extraordinary impact of seemingly ordinary moments, each penned by a unique and talented author.

Featured in this anthology is Marisa Griffin, a gifted writer whose story lies in its relatability. With the candor of a trusted friend, she dispels the myth that conquering fear is effortless. Her narrative serves as a roadmap for embracing vulnerability and authenticity. Her message is one perseverance, reminding us our journey is marked not by leaps but with small steps and everyday victories.

In this anthology, you'll journey through a tapestry of genres and perspectives, exploring the depths of joy, heartache, hope, and resilience. As you navigate through each unique story, you'll be struck by the depth and authenticity of the human connections woven throughout. The authors invite you to reflect on your own journey and the significance of the fleeting moments that often slip by unnoticed. Through their words, they remind us that every choice, every interaction, has the potential to alter the course of our lives in profound ways, called Moments That Matter.

Product Details ISBN: 9781962407311
ISBN-10: 1962407314
Publisher: Kate Butler Books
Publication Date: September 28th, 2023
Pages: 170
Language: English