The Fire of Courage (Paperback)

The Fire of Courage By Shirley Siaton, Shirley Parabia, Rozy Clemente (Illustrator) Cover Image

The Fire of Courage (Paperback)


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I am not a warrior.

My name is Uryana. I am twelve cycles old and a child of the Baraw tribe from the Sa-Babaw peaks.

My people have been plagued by the Serpent, a beast made of flame. It first devoured our livestock, then burned our fields and orchards to ashes.

Our strongest warriors were called to face this creature, but each of them, including my own father, met their end at its merciless jaws.

I was chosen by our tribe Elders to fight the Serpent. Would I be seeing my final dusk tonight, or would the hope and fire in my heart be enough to guide me in my greatest battle?

Product Details ISBN: 9781961052925
ISBN-10: 196105292X
Publisher: Inky Sword Book Publishing
Publication Date: June 26th, 2023
Pages: 82
Language: English