An Unexpected Paradise (Paperback)

An Unexpected Paradise By Chelsea Curto Cover Image

An Unexpected Paradise (Paperback)


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Beautiful palm trees. Warm ocean water. Idyllic sunsets. Sounds like heaven, right?

Not when you're head-strong Jo Bowen and forced to attend a work trip with your obnoxious-yet-attractive coworker, Jack Lancaster. How can she survive four days in the Florida Keys with the grouchy man she wants to throttle more often than not?

When her toxic ex-boyfriend arrives at the same conference, Jack doesn't hesitate to jump in and act as her current love interest. Jo discovers there might be more to her infuriating nemesis than meets the eye. Maybe it's the island air, or maybe it's the time they spend together, but soon their mutual hatred morphs into attraction. How can it not when Jack looks at her like she's the only woman in the world?

It's easy to pretend they're a happy couple in front of strangers. With the real world looming beyond their temporary paradise, Jack and Jo must confront their feelings and new opportunities. They will either find themselves on the path of happiness... or the path of destruction.

Product Details ISBN: 9781958983003
ISBN-10: 1958983004
Publisher: Chelsea Curto
Publication Date: August 9th, 2022
Pages: 436
Language: English