A Taste of America's Founding Fathers (Paperback)

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A Taste of America's Founding Fathers (Paperback)


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Step back in time and discover the culinary delights of the Revolutionary Era with A Taste of America's Founding Fathers. This cookbook offers a unique look at the history of the United States through the lens of food and drink. Explore the tastes and traditions of the men who built a nation with over 100 authentic recipes that have been adapted for modern kitchens.

From Martha Washington's famous cherry pie to Benjamin Franklin's beloved roast turkey, and from Alexander Hamilton's favorite oyster stew to Thomas Jefferson's innovative macaroni and cheese, this cookbook brings to life the flavors of the past. Each recipe is accompanied by a historical anecdote or fun fact, giving readers a glimpse into the lives and tastes of the Founding Fathers.

In addition to the recipes, A Taste of America's Founding Fathers includes a brief history of food in the Revolutionary Era, highlighting the culinary influences and innovations of the time. With beautiful photography and easy-to-follow instructions, this cookbook is perfect for anyone interested in history, food, or both.

Founding Fathers, Revolutionary Era, Culinary Delights, Authentic Recipes, Modern Kitchens, Martha Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, Historical Anecdotes, Culinary Influences, Innovations, Beautiful Photography, Easy-to-Follow Instructions.

Product Details ISBN: 9781835517277
ISBN-10: 1835517277
Publisher: 978-1-83551-727-7
Publication Date: September 1st, 2023
Pages: 226
Language: English