100 Things to Know About the Unknown: A fact book for kids (Hardcover)

100 Things to Know About the Unknown: A fact book for kids By Jerome Martin, Alice James, Lan Cook, Tom Mumbray, Alex Frith, Micaela Tapsell, Federico Mariani (Illustrator), Shaw Nielsen (Illustrator), Dominique Byron (Illustrator), Geraldine Sy (Illustrator) Cover Image

100 Things to Know About the Unknown: A fact book for kids (Hardcover)


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What is dark matter? How fast could a T. rex run? How did Mary Queen of Scots keep her dying wishes secret from her enemies?

Scientists and historians have discovered a lot about our past, our future and how the world works, but SO MUCH remains unknown. This exciting information book filled with 100 fascinating and mind-blowing facts explores the edges of human knowledge and the vast world of science just waiting to be uncovered.

With eleven books to explore in this best-selling and award-winning series, there are over 1,100 facts to discover. Packed with bold, graphic illustrations and clear text, the series is perfect for dipping in and out of, and for sharing with family and friends.

Jerome Martin (Author)
Jerome Martin has written children's books about science, history, Shakespeare and food. Before joining Usborne in 2014, he spent a decade studying literature at Harvard, Cambridge and the University of Iowa, and several years behaving responsibly in a copywriting office. Now, he spends his working hours researching delightful and amazing facts, his evening hours parenting two children, and the minutes in-between writing poetry.

Alice James (Author)
Alice James joined Usborne after working in primary schools for a while. She absolutely loves science, and over the years has lived with chimps, spent a month in the rainforest, studied Biology at Oxford University, and grown 200 carnivorous plants (not necessarily in that order). Whilst at Usborne Alice has worked on books on all kinds of science topics, from space to energy to the periodic table.

Lan Cook (Author)
Lan joined Usborne after working as a bookseller. She absolutely loves learning about anything and everything. She has lived in China, attempted to create the perfect aquarium biotope, studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University, and can hit an archery target from 100 feet away. Lan has always loved collecting knowledge and as many weird facts as possible, so working for Usborne really is a dream job!

Tom Mumbray (Author)
Tom studied History at university before joining Usborne in 2018. Since then he's worked on books about Planet Earth, technology, maths and inventions (and learned lots of amazing facts about everything from paleoburrows to fireworks along the way).

Alex Frith (Author)
Alex Frith has been writing Usborne books since 2005. His diverse output covers such titles as 'See inside Your Head', 'Stories of Thor' and 'Politics for Beginners'. He has spoken at multiple festivals about his book '100 Things to Know About Space'. Alex can be found in London.

Micaela Tapsell (Author)
Originally from Zimbabwe, Micaela has always enjoyed learning about different cultures and exploring the great outdoors. When she's not rafting the rapids of the Zambezi river or camping among the African wildlife, she is writing books on all sorts of delightful subjects, from science's greatest unknowns to the wildflowers of the world.

Product Details ISBN: 9781805317869
ISBN-10: 1805317865
Publisher: Usborne
Publication Date: December 5th, 2023
Pages: 128
Language: English