Inside The Mind of Sherlock Holmes (Hardcover)

Inside The Mind of Sherlock Holmes By Cyril Lieron, Benoit Dahan (Illustrator) Cover Image

Inside The Mind of Sherlock Holmes (Hardcover)

By Cyril Lieron, Benoit Dahan (Illustrator)


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An award-winning original graphic novel starring the world’s greatest detective: Sherlock Holmes! See into Sherlock’s mind like never before as Cyril Lieron depicts an intricate visual representation of his mind palace!

Sherlock Holmes fans can sink their teeth into this brand new original tale, which uniquely portrays the inner workings of the greatest detective’s mind as he works to solve the case!

A visually stunning treat, every thought and clue that flows through Sherlock’s mind is thoroughly explored and displayed in the art for readers to latch onto. Put on your deerstalker and pull out your magnifying glass, there’s a mystery to be solved!

Set in the Victorian era, the discovery of a mysterious powder on some clothing and a very special show ticket leads Sherlock Holmes to believe a patient isn't the only victim of a grand conspiracy.
Indeed, it seems the strange disappearance of Londoners can be explained by the performances of a Chinese magician. When other tickets are found, the detective's suspicions are confirmed…
Cyril Lieron, colorist since 1995, is the son of Philippe Luguy. He has notably worked on Percevan, L'Arcantane Noire, Le Maître des Étoiles, Barbe Rouge, Les Innommables at Dargaud, Red label Voodoo at Soleil, Cotton Kid at Vents d'Ouest, Le bras de Fer, La maison trap at Dupuis, Alan at Jos le Douaré. Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes, published by Ankama, is his first comic as a screenwriter. He received the BDGEST Arts 2019 award for best cover.


Benoit DAHAN, screenwriter, designer and colorist, lives in Paris. After studying Graphic Arts at ESAG, he embarked on illustration for the press (Le Monde, Liberation, Le Point, Science et vie junior) and children's books. Psycho-Investigateur is his first comic book series, which he produced with his friend Erwan Courbier. His love for Sherlock Holmes, shared with Cyril Liéron - another long-time friend - naturally spurred the fruit of their collaboration. Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes, published by Ankama Editions, received the BDGest Arts 2019 award for best cover.

Product Details ISBN: 9781787738911
ISBN-10: 1787738914
Publisher: Titan Comics
Publication Date: November 14th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English
“A finely-wrought mystery, with some proper Holmesian sleuthing, complemented by spectacularly well-composed and detailed artwork — Cyril Lieron and Benoit Dahan have eliminated the impossible and produced an innovative, quirky new way of looking at Conan Doyle’s creations.” James Lovegrove (Author of the Pantheon series and new Sherlock Holmes and Firefly adventures)

“Ingenious and intriguing in equal measure. A visual treat of the highest order—it’s simply elementary that you should give it a read.” George Mann (Sherlock Holmes: The Will of The Dead, Newbury and Hobbes, Star Wars: the High Republic)

"Absolutely stunning, and surely worthy of a place on the bookshelves of Sherlock Holmes fans." Down The Tubes

"Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes is a thing of wonder: it’s playful, meticulously designed and so, so clever. I adored it, and I very much hope there’ll be more to come." Tim Major (Author of Sherlock Holmes: The Defaced Men, Snakeskins and Hope Island)

"This totally unique depiction of Sherlock Holmes and Watson is likely to be embraced by fans of Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories and also by those who enjoy abstract or experimental comic art." –Library Journal starred review

"[Inside the Mind of Sherlock Holmes] explores the famed detective Sherlock Holmes like never before." AIPT

"An extraordinarily rendered depiction of the famed detective's thought process." Popverse

“I’ve read a fair amount of Sherlock Holmes comics and graphic novels over the years, and this is by far the best one.” Set the Tape

“This is a loving homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's world but also a reinvention that fully utilises the medium of sequential art.” Dave’s Comics

“This is a clever visual tour de force accompanying a very serviceable mystery.” Slings & Arrows