You're My Favorite (Paperback)

You're My Favorite By Ginny Priem Cover Image

You're My Favorite (Paperback)


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Ginny Priem, the quintessential bachelorette with a successful career along with a full social calendar, had little time or care for dating. When a casual encounter brought Chad into her life, it changed everything. Her walls quickly crumbled and she was swept up into a fairytale relationship.

Or so she thought...

Ginny's life sets into a tailspin as she slowly uncovers the man she fell in love with is not the man he is at all. Based on a true story, You're My Favorite shares Ginny's vulnerable and authentic journey of romance, heartbreak and ultimately discovering true love in the most unexpected of places.

Product Details ISBN: 9781737160694
ISBN-10: 1737160692
Publisher: Rodney K Press
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2022
Pages: 258
Language: English