Stories Of My Heart: a small journey of love, hope, and life (Paperback)

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This is purely a collection of all song lyrics composed by the Karenni singer Nic Shar himself. Majority of the English translation is literal, as well as metaphorical in some parts to convey a deeper meaning to the storyline. Because some parts of the lyrics are intentionally excluded in the translation to avoid duplicate sentences, readers are encouraged to pick out sentences anywhere on a page to complete the meaning of the poem (lyric). In another word, if you simultaneously read the lyrics and listen to the song, you may find that the written word (translation) does not follow in the exact same order. -- Oh My Relatives Oh my relatives, we are far from each other But, for our country Let's try and help each other Because others hurt us Because others fight us We lack unity You must know this Oh, my relatives, we are the unlucky ones Our country is not good Fights are so common in our land Our people are being killed Our foods are being destroyed Our parents are so desperate My friend, where are you Have not seen you Miss you We used to love each other So many fights, no more school Having to live in a stranger's land We are far away now I miss you Oh my relatives, we must unite For our people United and work together Let's try to improve our motherland We are most needed -- Not Destined For Each Other Love you, want you, my love Just like Son Baw Reh's love once upon a time I promised to love you, for you But, not everything happened Staying close to me, you are happy Just like Daughter Hseh Leh's heart once upon a time We are happy, no problems at all But, we don't talk any more now Unlucky is what you and I are Unlucky is what you and I are Thinking about it sometimes So many stars in the sky But, we can't get them no matter what --
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