Barrow King: The Realms Book One - (An Epic LitRPG Adventure (Paperback)

Barrow King: The Realms Book One - (An Epic LitRPG Adventure By C. M. Carney Cover Image

Barrow King: The Realms Book One - (An Epic LitRPG Adventure (Paperback)


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From the #1 Bestselling Author of The Quintessence: Crucible.

Betrayed by those closest to him, Finn Caldwell thought he'd escaped his life of violence and deception.

But when a frantic message from his estranged sister draws him into The Realms, the world's most advanced holographic reality game, Finn is forced to embrace his deadly skills once more.

Armed with a mysterious artifact known as a Godhead, Finn becomes the warrior-mage Gryph. But, what starts as a rescue mission becomes something far more when Finn learns that The Realms is not just a game, but a real universe, one threatened by the machinations of a mad god.

Banished to a horrific sentient dungeon, Finn must learn the rules of this strange new world and defeat an ancient revenant who survives by consuming souls. Only then will he have any hope of saving his sister, and the new world they both call home.

Barrow King is the first volume in the #1 Bestselling Epic LitRPG Saga The Realms, a book that is "mind blowing and flawless in its execution." -- Ray Johnson of the LitRPG Audiobook Podcast.

WARNING: Welcome to your new favorite genre.

LitRPG/GameLit books usually feature adventures in a fantasy setting or sci-fi world and feature the progression and gaming elements from tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons 5e and Pathfinder with epic RPG video games like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and MMO's like World of Warcraft. It features leveling up, crunchy stat, an rpg character sheet and skill progression. If this is your first LitRPG or GameLit, then welcome to the dark side of awesome. The Realms will take you back to the days when D&D books were new and The Elder Scrolls were a glint in the programmers eye.

Embrace the adventure, portal to a new world and prepare to lose sleep You have been warned

The Realms is a non harem LitRPG series that contains action violence some swears, but no sex and is appropriate for teens and adults.

Barrow King is also available in print and as an audiobook narrated by Armen Taylor.

Perfect for fans of The Land: Chaos Seeds, Viridian Gate Online and The Good Guys.

The Realms - An Epic LitRPG/GameLit Fantasy Series. Suggested Reading Order.

  • Barrow King
  • The Lost City
  • Killing Time
  • Dead Must Die (A Side Quest)
  • Scourge of Souls
  • The Forsaken God
  • Chaos Rising
  • Ravaged Land

Product Details ISBN: 9781718174702
ISBN-10: 1718174705
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 16th, 2018
Pages: 344
Language: English