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- Mary SHELLEY is an English novelist, born in 1797 and died in 1851. In 1816, she married Percy Bysshe Shelley. Mary Shelley considered writing fantastic stories, and afterwards she had the idea of ​​writing Frankenstein: "I saw the wicked student of unholy arts kneel beside the thing he had created . I saw the hideous fantasy of a man getting up, then by the work of some powerful machines, showing signs of life, and moving in a hard and half-alive movement. It must be frightening, for the effect of every human enterprise, mocking the admirable mechanism of the Creator of the world, can only be frightening to the highest degree. " With the encouragement of her husband, she develops this story in what will become her first novel: Frankenstein In 1818, the Shelley left the United Kingdom for Italy. They had a son, Percy Florence Shelley, who alone will survive among their children. In 1822, death of the husband. A year later, Mary Shelley returns to England. From that moment, she devotes herself entirely to her son's education and to her writing career. Mary Shelley has remained a political radical all her life, supporting the idea that cooperation and solidarity, practiced naturally by women in their families, is the way to reform civil society. - FRANKENSTEIN; or, The Modern Prometheus is an epistolary novel published in 1818 by Mary Shelley. The story takes place between Switzerland, England and the North Pole. Victor Frankenstein, narrator, during his studies, discovers the secret of life and makes a monster, a living being assembled with parts of dead flesh. Also, horrified by the hideous appearance of the being to whom he gave life, Frankenstein abandons his monster. But the latter, endowed with intelligence, avenges himself after having been rejected by his creator and persecuted by society. Victor Frankenstein feels guilty when he learns that his monster is sowing terror. Also, Robert Walton, on an expedition to the North Pole and his team, find Victor Frankenstein. This one, was in a very bad state of health, tells to Robert its history. The latter writes the whole story to his sister by letters. His brother William was murdered, strangled in the woods. To have a clear heart and to calm his pain, Victor had gone to the mountain to look for the cause, and that's where he met his creature. His primitive gesture was to flee, but the monster wanted Frankenstein to listen to what he has to say. The beast then tells his story: his life is hell, everyone hates him. Despite his efforts to be accepted, people seeing him panic and steal. This situation causes him to be violent and murderous. As a result, he went in search of his creator. He explains to Frankenstein the murder of his brother. He asks Frankenstein to create a woman for him, because he feels far too lonely. Victor accepts. He goes to England with his friend Clerval, and starts creating the monster, but destroys it for fear of making the same mistake and creating another monster. The monster kills Clerval. Frankenstein returns to Geneva where he marries Elizabeth. He is afraid of his monster and looks everywhere when he hears a cry: the monster has just killed Elizabeth. On hearing the news, Frankenstein's father dies. Victor decides to continue his life chasing this monster. He takes him to the North Pole because he is insensitive to the cold.
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