Think in Systems: The Art of Strategic Planning, Effective Problem Solving, And Lasting Results (Cognitive Development #1) (Paperback)

Get out of that rut. Find long-term solution to your problems.
We have the best of intentions to improve our conditions, but often our solutions fall short of improving our lives. Our best efforts can result in the opposite of what we want over time. If we apply conventional thinking to complex issues, we often maintain or feed the very problems we want to fix. How to avoid this trap? I will tell you in this book.Think in Systems is a concise information manual offering high-level, strategic problem solving methods for personal and global issues. The book presents the main features of systems thinking in an understandable, everyday manner, helping you to develop the skill top analysts and world leaders use. Your life is a system. Everything that is connected to your system (life) is a part of it. Your town, country, the world, the solar system are all bigger systems you are a part of. These systems are interconnected. Whatever you do will affect the system and whatever the system does will affect your life. Systems can have positive and negative effect on your life - or on life of people generally. The greatest problems like hunger, war, and poverty are all failures in the system. Similarly, fights with your loved ones, being stuck in a rut at your job are also system failures. They are not only your fault. But they can't be fixed with cause-effect thinking. Systems thinking boosts your critical thinking skills, makes you more logical, enhances your analytical abilities, and makes you more creative.
"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." Albert Einstein
-Learn the main aspects, concepts, and models of systems thinking.-Design models and systems maps to solve your problems-Find solutions to your underlying problems, not just the symptoms-Improve your mental health, wealth, and connectionsLearn to use systems thinking in your business, relationships, friendships, and general political, socio-economic, and environmental issues. -Widen your understanding about international economic, political, and socio-economic affairs-Manage your business better -The most helpful materials, books, and experts to learn even more about systems thinking.-Map out a strategic action plan to change your circumstances. Become more patient by understanding the world - and your place in it - better. -Shift your focus from the unimportant details and focus on the real issues. -Stay a learner.
Learn to use systems thinking in your problem solving, decision making, and strategic planning practices today.
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ISBN-10: 1710322004
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 21st, 2019
Pages: 266
Language: English
Series: Cognitive Development