Step Towards an AWE$OME Financial Future!: (California Edition) (Paperback)

Step Towards an AWE$OME Financial Future!: (California Edition) By Yoleen Lucas Cover Image

Step Towards an AWE$OME Financial Future!: (California Edition) (Paperback)


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"The best way to predict the future is to create it". Abraham Lincoln

Achieving prosperity is easier today than ever; the key is understanding how the system works, and doing what is necessary to succeed. This book is geared to everyone, from teens to older adults, who needs to brush up on information, direction and advice about personal economics. It begins by revealing the basic facts of money management, dispelling common myths about wealth. Then, using two main characters as examples to guide the reader from late high school years through mid-young adulthood:
  • It discusses choosing and developing a career that pays a living wage;
  • Lists the 10 things to do (and 1 thing not to do) to truly benefit from college;
  • Spells out ways to create a comfortable budget while saving for emergencies and future large purchases;
  • Analyzes factors to consider when first moving out on your own, including relocating to a new city, and various ways to invest money, including how to achieve early retirement and have your money last forever;
  • Informs the reader of types of insurance it is important to have to protect income and assets;
  • Explains fun ways to shop that will leave no regrets, debt management, and the process of purchasing expensive items like a car and a house;
  • Clarifies common pitfalls to financial success, and ways to avoid / deal with them.
  • The last chapter provides instruction for people already experiencing a financial crisis, such as lacking viable job skills, having no bank account, excessive debt, absence of retirement savings late in life, filing bankruptcy, being trapped in an abusive relationship, and homelessness. The Appendix, as well as the end of Chapter Three, provides worksheets to help prepare readers to move out on their own, or relocate to another area. Also included is a Glossary of financial terms. This book is updated regularly as the national, world and financial picture changes.
Step Towards an AWE$OME Financial Future is an ideal book to keep as a reference for living in the 21st century.

About the Author

Yoleen Lucas grew up in an Oakland ghetto where ignorance and its effects were rampant. She was blessed to attend Golden Gate Academy, a Christian school where she met a facts-of-life teacher who gave her the tools (knowledge) to escape. She obtained a Liberal Arts degree from the California State University system and an Associates in Administrative Justice at Hawaii Community College, joining the Phi Theta Kappa Society. She has held multiple careers as a substitute teacher, caregiver, and various jobs in the computer industry. Preparing young adults for life is her passion. She currently resides on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Product Details ISBN: 9781694430878
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 20th, 2019
Pages: 262
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