Wild Wisdom: Primal Skills to Survive in Nature (Hardcover)

Wild Wisdom: Primal Skills to Survive in Nature By Donny Dust Cover Image

Wild Wisdom: Primal Skills to Survive in Nature (Hardcover)


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Survive anything nature throws your way with these survival tips and wilderness philosophy from renowned outdoorsman and now beloved TikTok star Donny Dust.

Donny Dust is a US Marine Corps veteran who now owns and operates Colorado’s premier survival and wilderness self-reliance school. He’s amassed two decades worth of primitive living skills everywhere from the jungles of Asia to the mountains of North America. He’s appeared on reality TV series like History Channel’s Alone and hosted USA Channel’s Mud, Sweat & Beards. Now, Donny brings all he’s learned to Wild Wisdom. He teaches you how to be more observant to help avoid danger, problem-solve, prioritize finding shelter, and to be flexible and creative when you need the right supplies for a task. He also focuses on essential gear, sheltering, building fire, staying hydrated, food, foraging, and trapping. Beautiful and instructive illustrations throughout make this is must-carry for anyone venturing into nature.

Millions of people now follow Donny Dust on TikTok to watch him craft objects from nothing but what he finds in the wilderness. Even the tools he uses to do the crafting are made from scratch, whether it’s a saw, chisel, hammer, or cordage. He’s made bows, arrows, axes, rope, sandals, backpacks, bowls, swords, and of course, fire—lots of fire—but Wild Wisdom offers so much more. Written by one of the country’s foremost experts, it’s a book for almost anyone, whether you’re a longtime outdoorsperson hoping to hone your skills and deepen your appreciation and understanding of the wilderness, or a newcomer looking to take your first adventures in nature.
Donny Dust is a United States Marine Corps Veteran who has served in combat zones as a counterintelligence/human intelligence agent and infantryman. During his time in the military, Donny mastered his skills and left the Corps in 2011 to teach DOD personnel everything he had learned during his years of service. Donny owns and operates Paleo Tracks Survival, Colorado’s premier survival and wilderness self-reliance school, and has nearly two decades of outdoor survival skills and primitive living skills experience. When Donny is not teaching, he can be found living in the many remote regions of the Rocky Mountains. Donny works within the TV/film industry as a technical consultant for all things related to survival and primitive survival. He has appeared on shows such as History Channel’s Alone and USA Channel’s Mud, Sweat & Beards. He now has millions of followers on TikTok, beloved for his survivalist content. Donny has two sons and lives in Boulder, Colorado.
Product Details ISBN: 9781668013434
ISBN-10: 1668013436
Publisher: S&S/Simon Element
Publication Date: August 6th, 2024
Pages: 336
Language: English