Depth of Despair: A Mother's Journal on Schizophrenia (Hardcover)

Depth of Despair: A Mother's Journal on Schizophrenia By Bertha L. Pruitt Cover Image
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This book tells a true story of a mother's only daughter being struck down with the horrors of Schizophrenia which started in her late teens( her first year in college). Through courage and perseverance, she was able to graduate from college with a BS degree and was able to retire with 30 years of employment with the telephone company. The book covers a period of 27 years of factual details which were recorded in her mother's journal. If you are strong at heart, I invite you to come with me on this journey of sheer madness. The daughter fought "hard to stay well and healthy . Yet there were many episodes along the way, whereas "The Voices", would convince her that she shouldn't be taking those mind altering medications. After listening to the voices she would sink into despair and have to be committed (by force) into a mental institution. Her mother were always there for her through the good and rough periods. On March16,2020, at age 60, she died a sudden death caused by "Cardiopulmonary Arrest", per her death certificate. Her mother feels that it was the virus which caused her death/ at least caused the heart attach. This happened just as the country was being informed of that deadly virus(COVID 19), which has caused over 500,000 death to date. The book is written and personal heartaches shared so that it might help some one dealing with the same problem(s) and feels all alone. In loss and brokenness, my advise is to turn to God- whose love remains constant. Mental illness still carries a lot of Stigma and personal blame. Please know there is no need to suffer in silence. Mental Illness is an incurable disease but can be maintained with proper treatment. The real test of a mother's love is not when a child lives a life as planned . The real test is accepting the fate that destiny has bestowed upon her. The journey was so painful and personal that the mother knew that the details could never be shared as long as her daughter was alive and should the daughter outlive the mother, the daughter would be free to destroy the journal if so desired.

About the Author

Bertha L. Pruitt, was born in Panola, Alabama. After graduating from high school, she moved to Boston, Massachusetts. She received her B.S. degree from Northeastern University, Boston, MA. and MPA degree from Framingham State College(now known as Framingham University) in Framingham, MA. She had a career with the US Postal Service and retired 1992. She is the mother of two children, Aaron Jr. and Phyllis D. Pruitt(deceased). She and her husband, Aaron Sr. have moved back to Alabama .
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