The Insightful Reader: How to Learn Deeply & Attain Life-Changing Insights from Books (Paperback)

The Insightful Reader: How to Learn Deeply & Attain Life-Changing Insights from Books By I. C. Robledo Cover Image

The Insightful Reader: How to Learn Deeply & Attain Life-Changing Insights from Books (Paperback)


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Read for Insights, Improve Your Life, & Make an Impact
* INSIGHTS present you with a shift in the way you think about an idea or topic. They provide you with a realization that you should change the way you think about something and reconsider the actions that you take. *

Insights from reading have the power to provide us with priceless nuggets of knowledge and wisdom. For example, you may discover a key piece of advice that helps you move away from a bad situation and to change your life around. Or you may discover words that aid you to help someone close to you in need of advice or support, perhaps helping you to save a life.

Seeking out and reading insightful books will help catapult you to higher levels of success, happiness, physical and emotional health, understanding, wisdom, and peace. This is because when you read, you have access to some of the most brilliant and inspirational people of all time, and the lessons they learned.

The problem is most of us learn how to read superficially in school, rather than in a deep and meaningful way. Thankfully, The Insightful Reader will help you to choose the right books to read, get more out of what you read, create a better life through reading, and ultimately to become an insightful reader, learner, and thinker. Whether you read hundreds of books or just a few per year, you will benefit from this book.

With the insights you acquire through reading, you can change and empower yourself, aid those around you, and ultimately make an impact on the world.

Why focus on reading? Reading is a unique vehicle for learning, where the cost in money and time for the insights gained is quite low. A workshop or course will cost magnitudes more, while you may not learn any more than you would from books. Also, you tend to learn much more from reading than you would in audio or video formats, when given the same time. Focus on becoming an Insightful Reader, and you will accomplish your goals much more effectively and efficiently.

Internationally bestselling author I. C. Robledo has written The Insightful Reader based on a personal love for reading, learning, and applying what he learns. He has read over 400 books, thousands of general articles, hundreds of academic articles, and hundreds of short stories and poems. Robledo wishes to show you how to improve your reading abilities based on his experience.

Inside, you will discover how to:
  • Find high quality, interesting books efficiently
  • Hunt for insights instead of meaningless facts
  • Make more time to read and stop making excuses
  • Take notes adaptively, depending on your goals
  • Stop getting distracted while reading
  • Read different books differently, depending on your purpose
  • Learn more effectively from very challenging books (e.g., college textbooks or highly technical texts)
  • Apply what you read
  • Bonus: 200+ high quality and insightful book recommendations
Learn how to read better books and get the most out of them today with The Insightful Reader.

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Product Details ISBN: 9781661259327
ISBN-10: 1661259324
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2020
Pages: 168
Language: English