The Fascinating Space Book for Kids: 500 Far-Out Facts! (Fascinating Facts) (Paperback)

The Fascinating Space Book for Kids: 500 Far-Out Facts! (Fascinating Facts) By Lisa Reichley Cover Image

The Fascinating Space Book for Kids: 500 Far-Out Facts! (Fascinating Facts) (Paperback)


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From asteroids to zodiac constellations—500 amazing space facts for kids ages 8 to 12

Do you know a kid who wants to know all about space? This intergalactic entry into space books for kids is bursting with 500 out-of-this-world facts for hours of space exploration from the comfort of Earth. Alongside full-color pictures on every page, kids can adventure through stars, planets, and space technology with this book of astronomy for kids.

Go beyond other space books for kids with trivia such as:
  • Mars is often referred to as the red planet because its surface is red due to iron oxide, or rust.
  • The average lifespan of a star is 10 billion years.
  • All the other planets in our solar system could fit between Earth and its moon.

Kids will light up as they discover ice giants and famous astronomers with this standout among space books for kids.
LISA REICHLEY has more than 12 years of experience teaching middle-school science. She lives with her husband, Zeke, and their three children in a cottage they built from a kit. Lisa is an avid Science Fair sponsor who has taken middle-school students as far as the national level.
Product Details ISBN: 9781648768866
ISBN-10: 1648768865
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: August 10th, 2021
Pages: 214
Language: English
Series: Fascinating Facts
“Lisa has ‘shot another rocket’ for astronomy and science education. This facts of the universe book will thrill the astronaut in all of us ages 5-105. What a blast to read and learn!” —Richard Close, former director of student and teacher outreach, Delaware Valley Science Fairs

“While Lisa’s first book, Our Solar System, is an educational journey through our solar system, The Fascinating Space Book for Kids, is more of an encyclopedia of interesting and exciting facts. Students will learn new words like Bennu and Dudu as well as new meanings for familiar words like Maria and Terminator. Or perhaps you will want to know the difference between a constellation and an asterism, or whether wormholes really exist. The Fascinating Space Book for Kids will quickly become the go-to book (for the whole family) for factual information about our universe and beyond.” —Harry Anselmo, retired middle school science teacher and board member of Montgomery County (PA) Science Teachers Association

“The night sky has long captured the imaginations of the young. Lisa Reichley masterfully condenses the wonders of astronomy into hundreds of bite-sized nuggets, sure to delight and fascinate readers of all ages.” —James Olsen, MS, Astronomy