All About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the Sea (Paperback)

All About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the Sea By Dyan deNapoli Cover Image

All About Penguins: Discover Life on Land and in the Sea (Paperback)


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Waddle, slide, and swim through life as a penguin!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a penguin? Imagine zooming through the ocean, diving for krill, or flopping on your belly and tobogganing across ice. This is how penguins spend their days—and they want you to join them! Now, kids ages 5 to 7 can explore the wonderful lives of waddling, web-footed penguins!

Packed with incredible detail and delightful illustrations, this book takes an expedition to South Georgia Island and beyond to teach you everything there is to know about every penguin species. Discover what penguins sound like, how they stay warm on land and while swimming, why they can't fly, and how penguin families raise their chicks.

All About Penguins includes:
  • A penguin's life for me—Follow the King penguin's journey as he grows into an adult bird raising his own baby chicks through a fun and illustrated narrative.
  • Deep dive with penguins—Explore the differences in behavior, appearance, and habitat between 19 different penguin species, including Emperor, Macaroni, African, and more.
  • Fast penguin facts—Did you know penguins have knees? Or that most penguins can dive up to 300 feet deep? Find out more with tons of awesome penguin trivia!

Learn all about penguins with this fun, educational book!
Dyan deNapoli (a.k.a. The Penguin Lady) is a penguin expert, TED speaker, and award-winning author of The Great Penguin Rescue. Dyan took care of the penguins at Boston’s New England Aquarium for nine years. She has been teaching about penguins for 25 years and loves lecturing on National Geographic’s voyages to Antarctica and South Georgia Island. Visit her website at to learn more.
Product Details ISBN: 9781647397555
ISBN-10: 1647397553
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Pages: 54
Language: English
"This is a great book for any child—but beware, young readers: so appealing is the art, so thrilling the facts, than any adult just might snatch it right out of your hands! No matter what age you are, if you love penguins (and who doesn't?) you need this book!" —Sy Montgomery, Award-Winning Author

"All About Penguins is a splendid tool to empower the next generation of environmental leaders, connecting children to nature through the penguins. This book is pure magic. It will inspire, educate and enrich you. The illustrations and texts captivate the reader's attention and curiosity, and you cannot help reading it until the very end." —Pablo Borboroglu, Founder and President of the Global Penguin Society

"This wonderful account of the world's most charismatic bird is a delight for all ages. Whether you are interested in the penguin's unique biology, or varied species and diverse habitats, or want to discover its numerous adaptations, Dyan deNapoli's informative text and Ray Schuell's beautiful watercolors will appeal to devoted fans of these famous flightless birds." —Jonathan Chester, Author and Photographer

"Everyone loves penguins but not everyone knows penguins. However, that is about to change, as Dyan deNapoli's book, All About Penguins, is so beautiful and so stuffed with facts that it resembles a krill-filled penguin. There's no excuse: everyone can become a penguin expert now!" —Lloyd Spencer Davis, Stuart Professor of Science Communication