The Story of Jane Goodall: An Inspiring Biography for Young Readers (The Story of: Inspiring Biographies for Young Readers) (Paperback)

The Story of Jane Goodall: An Inspiring Biography for Young Readers (The Story of: Inspiring Biographies for Young Readers) By B. Katz, Susan Cover Image

The Story of Jane Goodall: An Inspiring Biography for Young Readers (The Story of: Inspiring Biographies for Young Readers) (Paperback)


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Discover the life of Jane Goodall—a story about loving and protecting nature for kids 6 to 9

Jane Goodall is a celebrated scientist for her studies of chimpanzees in the forests of Africa. Before she observed chimps and helped save them from losing their home, Jane was a curious kid who loved learning about animals. She showed people that women could be scientists, just like men, and fought to follow her dream of working with wild chimps. Explore how Jane Goodall went from being a young nature lover in England to the most important chimpanzee expert in the world.

  • Independent reading—This Jane Goodall biography is broken down into short chapters and simple language so kids 6 to 9 can read and learn on their own.
  • Critical thinking—Kids will learn the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Jane's life, find definitions of new words, discussion questions, and more.
  • A lasting legacy—Learn about how Jane made the world a better place for future generations of both humans and animals.

How will Jane Goodall's strong will inspire you?

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Susan B. Katz is an author, National Board-Certified Teacher, and educational consultant. She has taught for more than 25 years and has five published books, including My Mama Earth and All Year Round. Visit her online at
Product Details ISBN: 9781646118731
ISBN-10: 1646118731
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: May 19th, 2020
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: The Story of: Inspiring Biographies for Young Readers
"I’m a 3rd grade teacher and tried a “Who Was” book for one of my students. It was a bit too challenging. I ordered a copy of this Jane Goodall biography and it was filled with great information in an easier to read format." — Customer Review

"This is a beautifully illustrated and cohesively written biography for kids to enjoy. The artwork was colorful, generously peppered throughout, and helpful to learning. There are timelines, infographics, and simplified maps for education as well. Key words are bolded and defined in the glossary located at the end of the book. After finishing the book, a short quiz is provided which is a fun way to review the content. I'd also like to add a disclaimer that I received a digital review copy from this publisher for my review, and I honestly highly recommend this book." — Customer Review

"When my kids were younger we participated in Roots & Shoots, a Jane Goodall club for kids, so I am familiar with her and her work. That being said, this book was so well written that I felt like I was meeting Jane for the first time. The story is paced very well and the reading comprehension checkpoints and illustrations are placed strategically throughout the book. There are also conversation starters in a variety of places in the book to encourage the children to express their thoughts about goals, perseverance, and other character building traits. This is definitely a book that I will recommend to parents as a worthwhile early reader for their kids." — Customer Review

"Kids love reading about animals and about the people who work with them. Young readers of 6-9 will love this chapter book about Jane Goodall's work with chimps. The book shows Jane's love of nature from a very young age and how she worked for the chance to study chimps. It also covers Jane's many accomplishments to protect wild chimps from extinction, as well as improving the conditions of chimps in zoos through her ChimpanZoo program. Jump in the Think Tank boxes encourage readers to think beyond the text, and Myth & Fact boxes clear up misinformation. A glossary explains words readers might not know and an extensive bibliography helps parents find more information on Jane Goodall if their young readers want to learn more." — Customer Review