Some Parts are NOT for Sharing: Coloring Book (1st) (Paperback)

Some Parts are NOT for Sharing: Coloring Book (1st) By Julie K. Federico, Eddie Russell (Illustrator) Cover Image

Some Parts are NOT for Sharing: Coloring Book (1st) (Paperback)


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I wrote this book after hearing children recount child abuse stories that happened to them when they were young. I was a middle school counselor for years my students were 11-14 years old. The abuse they were recounting happened usually from 2-8 years old. I wrote Some Parts are NOT for Sharing on the level of an infant to an 8-year-old. This book will frighten no one. People write awful reviews and say, "This book does not say anything " This is the point; this book is the tip of the iceberg it is not the entire iceberg. If it were it would not be for small children. The point of this book is to educate your children about child abuse before some other "loving family member" does. Most children are not harmed by strangers. In all of my years of counseling not one child reported that they were harmed by a stranger. Mom's boyfriend was the biggest perpetrator followed closely by stepfather. Knowledge is power please, please, protect your children. To read the book before you buy it visit

Your body is a no trespassing zone. Your body is sacred, your body is your own. Many parts of our bodies we share with others. It feels good to share these parts of our bodies. Hugs are wonderful, holding hands can make your day more special. We share all of the parts of our bodies except the private areas. The private areas are any area a swimsuit covers. This book will teach you what to do if some touches you in the no trespassing zone or the private areas. (page break)

Some adults, teenagers, and children do not use good judgement and unfortunately touch other children in these places. They may continue to touch you in the no trespassing zone even after you have told them to stop. It does not feel right when someone touches you in these areas. Trust this feeling, it is not right. It is not okay. It is not your fault that they are deciding to use bad judgement. It is not your fault that they are deciding to use bad judgement.

The person touching you may make you feel like it is your fault and they will definitely tell you, "Not to tell anyone, this is our secret." This is a lie, this is a huge lie. No trespassing zone touching should always be reported. If you do not report it, it will not stop. Reporting is not calling the local news. Reporting it is telling a trusted adult. A trusted adult can be; a parent, grandparent, neighbor, teacher, school bus driver, doctor, friend, step-sister or anyone that you trust. The most important thing to remember when telling the story is to repeat the story to someone else if the person you tell does not get help. If they get help they will be calling law enforcement or human services.

This book is also available in Spanish.

Julie Federico

Children's Services Author

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Publication Date: January 13th, 2009
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