The Pursuit: The Truth That Will Set You Free Is The Truth They Don't Want You To Know (Hardcover)

The Pursuit: The Truth That Will Set You Free Is The Truth They Don't Want You To Know By David Norrie Cover Image
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We as a country, a culture, a human race, find ourselves engaged in a new type of war, a war of information and misinformation, a war of deceit and coercion. A war between the temporal inventions of man and God's eternal truth.



Under the guise of being woke, the world has been put to sleep. Information, overwhelm and exhaustion have taken over, stealing our order, peace, and our ability to decipher truth. The enemy is trying to divide us.

It's time to get wisdom.

This is a book that answers HOW, when how seems 100 feet tall.

HOW did we get to this point?

HOW am I supposed to lead my family?

HOW can I have a successful career?

HOW do I find real prosperity?

HOW do we fight back?

We must stop looking for man to solve our problems. Man says we need a reset because he wants to erase his mistakes. Man says we need to reimagine as if it wasn't given to us perfectly in the first place. But what does God say?

REVIVAL; An awakening of God's people to their true nature and purpose. An instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again.

They hid the truth; the only truth that can set you free. But there's still a chance because The Word tells us so. This is the story of humanity's rebellion against God and his unending desire to win our hearts and restore our relationship with Him.

The only way to uncover TRUTH is through THE PURSUIT of a lifetime.

David Norrie is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and journalist with over 25 years of experience in all facets of media. He's the founder of SPEAK UP, an occupational training program designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs articulate their vision by speaking with more passion and courage. He is the co-host of the Turned On Podcast with his wife Angelike. Turned On is dedicated to bringing God back into the marketplace and restoring the divine order in the home.

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ISBN: 9781637923023
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Publisher: Beyond Publishing
Publication Date: May 2nd, 2022
Pages: 302
Language: English