The Steward Investor: Investing God's Resources for Eternal Impact (Paperback)

The Steward Investor: Investing God's Resources for Eternal Impact By Donald E. Simmons Cover Image

The Steward Investor: Investing God's Resources for Eternal Impact (Paperback)


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What if we could move deeper through the basic principles taught in most stewardship books, toward achieving the eternal and redemptive objectives of the True Owner?

The Steward Investor: Investing God's Resources for Eternal Impact (paperback edition) is not just another stewardship book about competent money management or generosity. Instead, using scripture and real-world examples, it helps us discover our duty as God's money managers and provokes us to invest differently. Challenging modern temporal financial planning constructs, like maximizing financial returns and minimizing risk for ourselves, it shows how we can optimize positive, enduring outcomes for all stakeholders, including employees, communities, and the planet, all while advancing the kingdom of God.

Simmons directs readers to adopt a holistic view of investing that aligns with Great Commission and Great Commandment outcomes. You will be challenged and inspired to reevaluate your portfolio and to start your own journey toward investing for eternal impact as God's steward investor.

Tell those rich in this world's wealth to quit being so full of themselves and so obsessed with money. . . . Tell them to go after God . . . to be rich in helping others. . . . If they do that, they'll build a treasury that will last. (1 Tim 6:17-19, MSG)

-ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Don Simmons is a CFP(R) professional with over thirty years of experience managing nearly a quarter billion dollars of assets through the boutique investment firm he founded in 1988. He knows the power of investing in redemptive businesses to build people and communities. Simmons served with a London-based economic development fund where he coordinated a global management team that deployed mentors and financial capital to businesses in more than twenty of the least reached and most impoverished countries. Simmons combines his expertise in portfolio design with his diligent study of scripture to reveal the transformational impact that steward investors can have when their portfolios are deployed to expand God's kingdom. Simmons has been married to Amy since 1989. In addition to family and missional enterprise, his passions include flying an antique (1948) seaplane and cooking pizza in his wood-fired pizza oven.

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Publication Date: May 14th, 2022
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