Leo Strauss' Published but Uncollected English Writings (Paperback)

Leo Strauss' Published but Uncollected English Writings By Leo Strauss, Steven J. Lenzner (Editor), Svetozar Minkov (Editor) Cover Image

Leo Strauss' Published but Uncollected English Writings (Paperback)


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Any presentation of political philosophy in the 20th century is radically incomplete without Leo Strauss. The appearance of this collection is particularly important given the relentless but shifting interest in his influence and thought in recent years. An emphasis on what Strauss has directly published, the editors Lenzner and Minkov assert, must retain primacy when establishing his full range of importance. "Though Strauss scholars, to say nothing of others, have reason to be grateful for the publication in recent years of many of Strauss’s unpublished lectures and essays as well as
his correspondence with some of his leading contemporaries, the publication of these materials has tended to overshadow the serious study of those works upon which he sought to establish his reputation and legacy."

The most complete record of Strauss includes his full books together with his other published writings, and the intention of this volume is to present in one collection everything Strauss chose to publish in English that has not already appeared as a full length book. The material is arranged chronologically so as to provide the most direct connection to the author himself and avoid undue categorization by the editors.

"Among the highlights of these works published between 1937 and 1972 are striking formulations not to be found in his books on the relationship between philosophy and society, which is perhaps the most prominent theme in Strauss’s corpus taken as a whole; rare “personal” statements that shed light on his self-understanding as a philosopher; his first writing devoted solely to a classical thinker ('The Spirit of Sparta or the Taste of Xenophon'); his first piece devoted to Plato, 'On a New Interpretation of Plato’s Political Philosophy', his most searching engagement of Jean-Jacques Rousseau; his first treatment of the thought of Niccolò Machiavelli and a wonderful, later treatment of Machiavelli’s relation to ancient writers; and a critical review of a book on Xenophon’s Hellenica which expands Xenophon’s own work."

This new compilation of Strauss's scattered work is invaluable for those interested in the political philosopher, to be sure. But it is also an important contribution to the field in general as well as the history of philosophy.
Steven J. Lenzner is the Henry Salvatori research fellow in political philosophy at Claremont McKenna College.

Svetozar Minkov is a professor of philosophy at Roosevelt University, previously holding positions at Kenyon College, Massachusetts Institute of technology, and the University of Chicago. Among his many publications as author or editor are Mastery of Nature: Promises and Prospects (University of Pennsylvania Press) and Toward 'Natural Right and History': Essays and Lectures by Leo Strauss, 1936–1947 (University of Chicago Press).
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