Farnsworth's Classical English Style (Hardcover)

Farnsworth's Classical English Style By Ward Farnsworth Cover Image

Farnsworth's Classical English Style (Hardcover)


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"An original and absorbing guide to English style. Get it if you can."--Wall Street Journal

Say it with style--on paper or in person. This book explains why the best writing sounds that way, with hundreds of examples from Lincoln, Churchill, Douglass, and other masters of the language. As Farnsworth says, "Explaining a precept may take just a few words, but only examples can make it familiar to the ear. So we will consider examples from writers and orators who all have lessons to teach."

Farnsworth shows how small choices about words, sentences, and paragraphs put force into writing and speech that have stood the test of time. What was the secret? Knowledge of choices in the selection of words, the arrangement of sentences, the creation of a cadence. Now that knowledge can be yours through hundreds of examples of the very best use of rhetorical devices, classical cadence patterns, hyperbole and much more.

This is must for anyone who wants to speak or write with clear, persuasive, enjoyable, unforgettable style. "A storehouse of effective writing, showing the techniques you may freely adapt to make music of your own."--The Baltimore Sun
Product Details ISBN: 9781567926651
ISBN-10: 1567926657
Publisher: David R. Godine Publisher
Publication Date: April 21st, 2020
Pages: 168
Language: English