Not Without Her Children (Paperback)

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Leaving family, friends, and all her belongings behind, single mother Mandy, flees from the Netherlands with her two young children. Secretly emigrating to Australia, she escapes her vicious perpetrator to start a new life in a country she had never set foot in before. Mandy's story spans the globe. In her childhood, she grew up in Africa and her ex-husband, Janus, originally from India, married Mandy to start a new life in Europe.
After ten years of marriage, when Mandy finally announced the divorce, she faced Janus' faked suicide, attempted kidnapping of their children to India and domestic violence. Mandy shielded her children from the 'ice aged' child protection system in the Netherlands, which blindly stood up for Janus' rights with no regard for the suffering this created. To fight for a new life in Australia with her children, Mandy digs deep inside herself. She faces abuse of international law, fighting every step of the way-for her children. They are her everything.
A disaster is inevitable, yet, there is hope...
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ISBN: 9781528983150
ISBN-10: 1528983157
Publisher: Austin Macauley
Publication Date: August 31st, 2021
Pages: 282
Language: English