Stress Management: How Not To Be The Richest Person In The Graveyard (Paperback)

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This stress management ebook gives you the confidence, knowledge and skills to not only manage stress but prevent it in the first place Using techniques around autogenics (head to toe relaxation) and anger management, this will give you all you need to reduce stress, relieve stress and deal with stress and anxiety. Relaxation is easy to talk about but hard to "do" when you are already stressed, so this ebook gives you the causes, consequences and pointers to identify your areas of stress, and then offers simple, easy to use techniques to reduce anxiety and tension that have been taught to the author and researcher (David Hyner) during his 160+ research interviews with top achievers. They have shared the ways in which they reduce stress, relieve stress and deal with anxiety and nerves. The relaxation techniques shared in this ebook are delivered to thousands of people each year in our live workshops, talks and seminars, presented to corporate teams, teachers and students alike. Everything shared in this ebook is simple and easy to apply, including the autogenics exercises that you can do yourself to not only enable stress management, but actually "prevent stress" Anger management can be a touchy subject for many who experience it, and their loved ones and work colleagues. A few simple exercises such as "anchoring" and deep breathing can make HUGE dents in the effects of anger. If you think a little relaxation would help you to relieve stress, reduce stress and deal with stress once and for all, this is the ebook for you. Hundreds of chief executives have used these techniques in our CEO group workshops and most have found relaxation easier after applying the techniques, which in turn makes it easier to reduce stress, relieve stress and deal with stress.

About the Author

As a researcher David Hyner has interviewed over 200 top achievers from all walks of life. Amongst the many golden nuggets and gems of thoughts and behaviours that make people successful, he discovered "how" they set and achieve MASSIVE goals. David writes, speaks and broadcasts on his research findings. Having authored (and co-authored or guest authored in) many best selling books, audios and videos on subjects ranging from business leadership through to teacher training, goal setting, stress prevention... and more, Davids passion is to help others become even more effective through sharing "how" highly effective people think and behave in ways that anyone can use. A multi award winning international professional speaker who delivers to between 20'000-50'000 people around the world each year.
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Publication Date: April 15th, 2015
Pages: 114
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