The Lost Art of Handwriting: Rediscover the Beauty and Power of Penmanship (Hardcover)

The Lost Art of Handwriting: Rediscover the Beauty and Power of Penmanship By Brenna Jordan Cover Image

The Lost Art of Handwriting: Rediscover the Beauty and Power of Penmanship (Hardcover)


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Revisit the lost art of writing with these fun prompts, worksheets, exercises—and more!—and experience the many benefits of writing by hand, including increased focus and memory, relaxation, and creative expression.

Writing by hand may seem passé in the digital age, but it shouldn’t be dismissed as simply an activity for grade schoolers—it offers countless benefits that have been studied by researchers, brain neurologists, therapists, educators, and others who are invested in helping handwriting thrive in an age of advancing technology. Handwriting may be slower than typing—but this gives your brain more time to process information, and stimulates neurological connections that aid in memory, focus, and composition. The process of handwriting can also have a soothing, calming effect and can even serve as a great form of meditation. And of course, it’s a great way of expressing your individuality and personal style.

The Lost Art of Handwriting explores the history of writing longhand, and reintroduces proper stroke sequences, letter forms, and techniques for evaluating and improving your handwriting. You will discover how the amazing variety of letter forms provide endless opportunities for making these alphabets your own, and how to choose alternatives that fit your preferences while keeping your writing neat, consistent, and unique to you. You’ll learn how to connect letters in cursive writing to help you write more smoothly, and with practice, more efficiently. Learn how easy it is to apply what you’ve learned into your everyday life with tips for integrating handwriting practice into already jam-packed schedules.

Soon, you’ll notice a steady increase in the relaxation, value, and joy that handwriting offers to everyone who persists in putting the pen or pencil to paper.
Brenna Jordan is the author of The Lost Art of Handwriting. She has been exploring the art of lettering since receiving her first calligraphy pen in sixth grade and has studied with IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting) and the Colleagues of Calligraphy. Brenna is known for her ability to meld traditional technique with modern flair. She offers customized calligraphy services through her studio, Calligraphy by Brenna, in Duluth, Minnesota, where she lives with her family. She enjoys running, skiing, and jumping in the chilly waters of Lake Superior.
Product Details ISBN: 9781507209363
ISBN-10: 1507209363
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication Date: March 5th, 2019
Pages: 192
Language: English
“Brenna captures the art of handwriting in such a beautiful way, from explaining the history and breaking down the basics to discussing her signature style of flourishing in this book. I was blown away by the information and topics covered in the book allowing me to see handwriting in another perspective. Such an amazing book that answers the ‘why’ and getting started.”

—Shelly Kim of Letters By Shells, author of Learn to Create Modern Calligraphy Lettering and Learn to Create Art Deco Lettering

“I am absolutely blown away by the vast amount of information there is in this book, and at how wonderfully detailed it is. From diving into the history of handwriting to being able to successfully learn by practicing different types of styles with clear and beautiful examples, there is no doubt this book will help anyone improve—and thoroughly enjoy—their handwriting.”

—Chrystal Elizabeth, modern letterer and author of Brush Lettering Made Simple

“A wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in penmanship! Brenna not only brings you into the rich history behind handwriting; she guides you through beautiful scripts and styles that will inspire you to put pen to paper.”

—Younghae Chung of Logos Calligraphy + Design

“Brenna is a master of her craft and she doesn’t hold back in these abundant pages full of instruction and inspiration. She has an effortless way of guiding you to fall in love with your unique handwriting—how to embrace it, mold it, and really own it—showing you the priceless value it has. This book is experimental yet timeless!”

—Peggy Dean, author and art educator

“Will have you penning beautiful letters in no time.”

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