How Did Dinosaurs Get So Gigantic?: A Book about Dinosaurs (Paperback)

How Did Dinosaurs Get So Gigantic?: A Book about Dinosaurs By Clayton Grider, Srimalie Bassani (Illustrator) Cover Image

How Did Dinosaurs Get So Gigantic?: A Book about Dinosaurs (Paperback)


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Have you ever wondered how dinosaurs got so GIGANTIC?

Roam into the world of dinosaurs including information about how dinosaurs looked, when they lived, how they became extinct, the fossils they left behind, and so much more through diagrams, illustrations, and informative and engaging text. Each of the six questions examined in the book are given a silly answer before the true answer is revealed making this an approachable way to learn nonfiction. Back matter includes a glossary and activities to further learning.

Questions answered in the book: - How did dinosaurs get so gigantic? Discover some of the theories about what made these dinos so large
- How did dinosaurs look? From feathers to bright colors, learn what these prehistoric creatures may have looked like.
- How do fossils form? Learn about the different types of fossils dinosaurs left behind
- How did stegosaurus meet T. rex? Get a quick overview of Earth's history and the eras of the dinosaurs.
- How did dinosaurs disappear? Learn about the K-T extinction.
- How do dinosaurs walk among us? Discover the surprising descendants of dinosaurs that still live among us today
About the How Do series: These fully illustrated nonfiction picture books are a great introduction to various STEM topics. Each title includes facts and figures, simple diagrams and hilarious illustrations and is written in a question-and-answer format to encourage readers to ask questions and guess the answers before exploring the science behind the correct answers.
Clayton Grider is a University of Tennessee Knoxville alumnus, yet his love for birds began much earlier. Equipped with his mother's binoculars, a young Clayton would watch the robins, blue jays, and cardinals outside his house eating from the bird feeder. In college, his interest in birds broadened to the environment they live in and Clayton took many environmental and water management classes. These experiences inspired him to write his first book How Do Birds Sing a Duet? Today, Clayton is pursuing a teaching career in statistics in Nashville, Tennessee.Srimalie Bassani lives and works in Mantova, Italy. Her mother has always encouraged her artistic expression, and she is the inspiration for her passion. Her work is full of surprises. She always tries to diversify her style based on every story she illustrates. It's almost impossible to remove her from her writing desk, where she keeps a stack of books and teacups of many colors.
Product Details ISBN: 9781486730032
ISBN-10: 1486730035
Publisher: Flowerpot Press
Publication Date: September 17th, 2024
Pages: 32
Language: English