State Street Orphans: An Untold Story (Paperback)

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State Street Orphans is the untold story about a young Mexican male growing up in the barrios of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles. These are factual accounts based on real occurrences that actually took place in the author's life. Relive the saga of this young Latino growing up in the tumultuous area controlled by the numerous territorial gangs. Follow him and his family as they try to stay ahead of the development of the now infamous freeway system of Los Angeles. Learn what a Mexican boy has to endure in order to survive the 1950's and 1960's in Boyle Heights. Journey with his family as they moved around through the countless barrios hidden within East Los Angeles. Explore the many experiences that a Mexican youth encounters growing up in a predominately Anglo-Jewish community. Visualize the dramatic changes of Boyle Heights from a Jewish community to a multitude of Mexican barrios. Wander through the thoughts of a young Latino as he deals with the many obstacles in his environment and social development. Adore the valleys and hilltops of puppy love which accompany the crushes constantly consuming this Chicano youth. Visualize the endless turmoil that his family experienced as a poor family where the patriarch was an itinerant migrant farm worker and alcoholic. Attempt to understand the constant battle his family endured with the Los Angeles County Social Services Department and the California State Welfare System. Travel with him as he journeys through the public educational system in the East Los Angeles area where he initially had to learn how to speak English then overcome a speech impediment which he still battles today. Be amused by the antics that surround the author and his older brother as they navigate the turbulent waters encompassing Boyle Heights. Capture the love and pride of belonging to State Street Playground while also being called a State Street Orphan. Notice the special bonds with the needs of belonging that parks and playgrounds provide for.
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ISBN: 9781478777250
ISBN-10: 1478777257
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2017
Pages: 212
Language: English